Big Brothers Big Sisters
 Michelle Redman - Executive Director
 545 Dunnell Drive
 Owatonna, MN
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Big Brothers Big Sisters has been the nation's top youth-service organization for nearly a century.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota provides positive role models through one-on-one mentoring relationships that benefit everyone involved, including the volunteer, the child, family, and the community.

Big Brothers and Big sisters are, foremost, friends to children.  They share everyday activities - exploring new horizons and experiencing the joy that simple moments of friendship can bring.  Within those little moments lies the big magic that a Big Brother or Big Sister brings to a young person.

The best way to understand what it means to be a big, is to think back on your own childhood.  Growing up, who was that special someone who just brought a little joy into your life, though the simplest actions or activities?  As a Big, you can be that person for a child, and create wonderful memories for you and your Little.

Life Should Be Fun!