South Central Human Relations Center
 Carolyn Wheeler
 610 Florence Ave
 Owatonna, MN
 24-Hour emergency 507-455-8100
Psychiatric assessments and psychological evaluations, individual and group therapy, treatment for anxiety and depression, and marital counseling are available.  Also, group treatments available for battery and abuse, sex offenders, and DBT.  Child services include ADHD assessment and treatmnet, and assessment of behavioral and learning problems.  Provided on ability to pay basis.

South Central Human Relations Center- Safe Harbour
 Sheila Alba
 185 NE Landmark Dr
 Owatonna, MN

Safe Harbour is an Intensive Residential Rehabiliative Program (IRT) that provides Evidence-Based Practice services to adults with mental health and chemical health problems.  Referals are usually received from Adult Mental Health Case Managers for clients who need services to avoid a psychiatric hospitalization,r to promote continuing stabilization after a hospitalization.  Priority admission is given to residents of Steele, Didge and Waseca Counties to learn Illness Management and recovery, Integrated Dual Disorder and Family Psycho education skills.  
South Central Human Relations Center- Project Home
 Sheila Alba
 610 Florence Avenue
 Owatonna, MN

Project Home is a non-profit organization located in Owatonna, MN serving 5 area counties: Steele, Dodge, Waseca, Rice & Freeborn.  Our mission is to end long-tream homelessness and positively impact the lives of those who we serve.  After acceptance into the program, the participants works with a case manager to set goals which promote responsibility and encoutage a positive working relationship withtheir landlord and employer.

Housing:  We assist participants in securing and financing housing unitl they qualify for a permanent housing program or are able to afford housing on their own.

Intensive Case Management:  The project Home Staff works to connect, coordinate and monitor community resources that will empower the individual or family to function independently. We assist participants by coaching, mentoring and teaching the skills necessary to sucessfully maintain housing, employment, budgeting and parenting.

To be eligible for the program, a potential client must:
    -Reside in Steele, Dodge, Waseca, Rice or Freeborn County.
    -Be homeless long term*
    -Be willin to work with a case manager
    -Be willing to pay a portion of the rent, up to 1/3 of their income
    -Be determind to work in order to stabilize him/herself and/or
       participate in ongoing mental/chemical health services.

* Long Term Homelessness is defined as someone who is currently living on the street, in a shelter or a hotel.  It also includes someone who is living temporarily with friends or relatives or someone who has an eviction notice.  The person/family must be homeless for 12 consecutive months or have experienced 4 incidences of homelessness on the past three years.