Steele County Public Health
 Amy Roggenbuck- Director
 635 Florence Ave
 Owatonna, MN
 507-583-2283 Blooming Prairie area
 507-684-2211 Ellendale area
Steele County Public Health's mission is to protect and promote the health of the general population of Steele County by emphasizing services into the community and through the coordination and use of community resources.

Program areas:

Family Health:  WIC, maternal/child health visits, child and teen check-up outreach, New mom and new baby visits, Family connections, Car seat program, and follow-along program.

Home Health Care:  Nursing visits, Home health aide/homemaker services, Physical therapy services and screening services.

Disease prevention and control:  Immunizations, screenings, education, investigation, and follow-up for communicable diseases.

Emergency Preparedness:  Readiness to respond effectively to significant public health threats and management of the Health Alert Network.

Health Promotion:  Health maintenance clinics, consultation in the area of health and wellness, educatonal programs and health consultation to family daycare providers and childcare centers.