Riverland Community College
 Stephanie Shea- RCC Counselor
 965 SW Alexander Drive
 Owatonna, MN
 507-455-5880 ext. 2216

Riverland Community College is a regional commprehensive community college inspiring "learning for living" through a personalized educational enviroment.  Students in Owatonna can earn an Associate in Arts (AA) degree at the Owatonna College and University Center by attending full or Part-time.  Students can apply for financial aid in the form of grants, loans and scholarships.  Anyone with a high school diploma or GED will be accepted to the college.  Those without can take an "Ability to Benefit" test for admittance.  We have classes mornings, afternoon, eveningins, online and some Saturdays.  We also have Career/Technical programs on our campuses in Austin and Albert Lea.  For further information regarding application and financial aid, please call Jeannie at our Owatona site.  507-455-5881 ext. 2215.

In addition to Riverland's two-year programs, Owatonna also hosts 4 year and graduate degree programs from Crown College, Concordia University, University and St. Thomas, Minnesota State University-Mankato and Southwest Minnesota State University.