Steele County Transitional Housing
 Julie Anderson-Executive Director
 560 Dunnel Drive Ste 212
 Owatonna, MN
Clients enter the Steele County Transitional Housing program for up to two years.  During this time, they work with a case manager to set goals that promote responsiblity and encourage a positive working relationship with their landlord.  The case manager follows up with the client six months after he/she leaves the program.

To be eligible for the program,a potential client must:
      -Reside in Steele County
      -Be homeless*
      -Be willing to work with a case manager
      -Be willing to pay a portion of the rent, up to 1/3 of their income
      -Be determined to work in order to stabilize him/herself

For clients who meet the above criteria, Steele County Transitional Housing offers the following support services:
      -Rent Assistance
      -Deposit assistance
      -Case Management

*Homeless is defined as someone who is currently living on the street, in a shelter/hotel or treatment center/halfway house/jail.  It also includes someone who is living with an abusive partner, someone living temporarily with friends or relatives, or someone who has an eviction notice.